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Beyond Face Value: Depictions of Slavery in Confederate Currency

The Images


In the midst of the American Civil War, and in defiance of the Union blockade choking off its port cities, the Confederate War Department boldly ordered Navy Captain John Wilkinson to England, where he was to purchase a blockade runner, “load her with arms, munitions of war, and other supplies” and “bring her into a Confederate port with all dispatch.”[popup url=”″] (Read more…)[/popup]

The images are grouped according to activities associated with slave labor. All were featured on notes issued in seceded states and most border states. Where images have not been previously named by experts, the standard technique of referencing visual detail will be used to distinguish one image from another. Categories are as follow: Individuals with Cotton, Individuals with Assorted Tasks, Field Scenes, Stylistic Scenes, Post Civil War Scenes, Sugar Plantations, Transportation. Click on the side bar to the left side to access each category.