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Beyond Face Value: Depictions of Slavery in Confederate Currency

About the Scholars and Contributors


John M. Coski, Evaluator, is historian and library director at The Museum of the Confederacy in Richmond, Virginia, where he has worked since 1988. He earned a Ph.D. in American History from the College of William and Mary and is the author of Capital Navy: The Men, Ships, and Operations of the James River Squadron and The Army of the Potomac at Berkeley Plantation: The Harrison’s Landing Occupation of 1862; co-author of White House of the Confederacy: An Illustrated History; and editor of several books and articles on the collections of The Museum of the Confederacy.

Jules d’Hemecourt, Principal Scholar, moved from the practice of law and broadcast journalism to university teaching at Louisiana State University in the Manship School of Mass Communication and has been named Most Outstanding Professor in the College of Arts & Sciences. His diverse curiosities and areas of expertise lead him to this contribution in the area of paper money. He is an Associate member of the United States Civil War Center.


































Harold Holzer, Guest Scholar, is Vice President for Communications at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and author, co-author, or editor of eighteen books on Abraham Lincoln and the political culture of the Civil War, including The Confederate Image (1987). He also co-authored the chapter, “Victims, Stoics, and Refugees: Women in Lost Cause Prints,” in the book Graphic Arts and the South (1993) and co-curated the travelling exhibition, The Confederate Image, in 1997-1998.

Henry N. McCarl, Guest Scholar, is a Professor of Economics in the School of Business at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. He is a well known collector of obsolete bank notes and counterfeit Confederate and Southern state notes and bonds. Dr. McCarl is a life member of both the American Numismatic Society and the Society of Paper Money Collectors.


Vic Erwin, Web Designer, has been a full time web developer for more than four years, serving for two and a half years as Louisiana State University’s first web master. He is the Online Producer of the web project Law Enforcement Online.

Sylvia Frank, Exhibit Editor, is Acquisitions Editor at Louisiana State University Press, where she works with historians and authors on such subjects as the Civil War, World War II, U.S. South, Civil Rights Era, and American history and biography.

Leah Jewett, Project Director, is Director of the United States Civil War Center at Louisiana State University.


On behalf of the United States Civil War Center, I would like to thank Dr. Jules d’Hemecourt for graciously allowing us to use his private collection in this exhibit and for his initiation of and enthusiasm for the project; the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities for funding the exhibit; Scott McCraw at the LEH for his guidance; all of the scholars and contributors for making the process so enjoyable; Joel Williams and Pat Vince of LSU Computing Services; Robin Jacobs, Jennifer Pickard, and Sarah Sue Goldsmith of LSU University Relations; and Ann Whitmer, Tonya Chustz, and all of the LSU staff members who helped make this virtual exhibit a reality.

-Leah Wood Jewett