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AVES: A Survey of the Literature of Neotropical Ornithology


The LSU Libraries thanks Tom Taylor for his extraordinary generosity in committing time and resources to make this publication and exhibition possible, and the Coypu Foundation, which continues John S. McIlhenny’s philanthropic dedication to wildlife and education through its support of this catalogue and exhibition.

. . . and Tom Taylor thanks Elaine Smyth, a valued friend for over thirty years, whose enthusiasm for the project has been matched by her perseverance in securing the resources needed to make it happen. Michael Taylor came to the rescue when my lack of German threatened to compromise the entries on the important German scientists; his research and writing have, in several instances, provided the first good accounts of these people in English. Everyone on the staff in Special Collections at LSU was unfailingly friendly and helpful, especially Leah Jewett; every visit to the library was a pleasure.

A number of ornithologists have helped me to write as if I actually know something about the subject, and saved me from any number of errors. I would especially like to thank Van Remsen, who helped in many ways, from beginning to end. Several people read all or part of the manuscript and offered suggestions and corrections, for which I am most grateful: Diego Calderon, Lloyd Kiff, Catherine Levy, Manuel A. Plenge, Robert Ridgely, John Rowlett, and W. P. Vellinga. Producing this catalogue was a collaborative effort. As always, I owe an enormous debt to Jill Mason for her skills as an editor, and to Bradley Hutchinson for his skills as a printer. Jace Graf helped design the binding. Except where noted the photographs from books are by Kevin Duffy, who did excellent work capturing the vivid colors of the original illustrations.

Finally, I wish to dedicate my work in this catalogue to Judy, my companion in journeys to wild and beautiful places.

Online exhibition design and editing by Leah Wood Jewett; content entry and editing by Vanessa Varin. Special thanks to Gina Costello, Robbie Gore, Sigrid Kelsey, and Brian Melancon for technical assistance; and to Tara Z. Laver, Hans Rasmussen and Christina Riquelmy for assistance with editing.