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Investigating Sherlock:
Selections from the Russell Mann Sherlock Holmes Research Collection

October 3. 2016 – January 28, 2017

in Upper and Lower Main Galleries

exhibblogWhen Sir Arthur Conan Doyle published the first Sherlock Holmes story in 1887, he could not have known that within a decade, his fictional detective would take on a life of his own. The four original Holmes novels and 56 short stories, in fact, have inspired thousands of derivative works, from pastiches and parodies to films, plays, musicals, radio broadcasts, comics, graphic novels, video games, and even cookbooks. A vast scholarly literature on Holmes and Doyle also exists, shedding light on the Victorian super sleuth and his equally fascinating creator, who played a key role in raising public awareness of forensic science and modern crime-scene investigation techniques.

A large selection of Sherlock Holmes fiction, scholarship, and memorabilia was recently donated to the LSU Libraries’ Special Collections by Russell Mann, a retired professor of journalism at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Mann started building the collection in the 1990s. It is especially strong in “non-canonical” fiction (Holmes stories written by authors other than Doyle), comic books and graphic novels featuring Holmes, and rare scholarly publications, including journals of Holmes societies from around the world. The collection joins the ranks of about a dozen major Holmes collections in the United States and is one of the largest in the South.

Whether you are studying literature, history, popular culture, film, or graphic arts, or just have a love of the Sherlock Holmes stories, we hope Dr. Mann’s collection will be of interest to you. To view a full list of the collection’s contents, please see the LSU Libraries’ catalog.

The exhibition is free and open to the public. For more information, contact the library at (225) 578-6544.

The Adventure of the Indefatigable Detective:
Sherlock Holmes in Adaptation & Derivation

A discussion with Dr. Kristopher Mecholsky, crime fiction scholar

January 24, 2017
5:30 pm
Hill Memorial Library
The Hill Memorial Library’s recent acquisition of the Russell Mann Sherlock Holmes Research Collection provides an excellent opportunity to take stock of the continuing popularity of Sherlock Holmes, even into the twenty-first century: the fourth season of BBC’s Sherlock premieres January 1; Warner Bros. has planned its third Robert Downey, Jr./Jude Law pairing in its remarkably profitable franchise venture; CBS’s Elementary has just entered its fifth season and passed its hundredth show; and a slew of pastiches and adaptations—many of fine quality—continue to be churned out annually.

With so much Holmes, it’s hard to know where to start and where to stop. LSU’s Dr. Kristopher Mecholsky, a crime fiction scholar who has published on Sherlock Holmes, will lead a discussion on the great detective and spotlight some of the Mann collection’s holdings by way of a history of Holmes in popular culture—then and now, here and abroad.

John Earle Uhler Papers

Fall 2016

in Reading Room

CaneJuiceJohn Earle Uhler was a writer, scholar, and English professor at LSU from 1928-1961. Prior to joining the faculty at LSU, where he served as first president of the LSU Faculty Club, Uhler worked as a reporter, copy editor, and actor. A charter member of the Renaissance Society of America, his research interests included Shakespeare, 18th century English drama, English Renaissance literature, and linguistics. The collection consists of correspondence, literary and academic manuscripts, printed material, teaching materials, and photographs.

In 1931, Uhler published Cane Juice, a novel depicting southern Louisiana and student life at LSU. A public controversy ensued in which Uhler was accused of slander by Father F. L. Gassler, culminating in his suspension and eventual removal from the faculty by the executive committee of the LSU Board of Supervisors. After a six-month legal battle involving the American Civil Liberties Union and the American Association of University Professors, Uhler was reinstated in April of 1932.

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