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Past Installations


Listed from 1990-present

  • Designing for Excellence: Albert Crochet at the LSU Press, 1990
  • Nature’s Remedies: Medicinal Herbs in 19th-Century America, 1990
  • Classical Influences: From Text to Tablinum, 1991
  • Chess for Play and Display, 1991
  • Facets of the French Revolutionary Era, 1991
  • William Hogarth, Master of Satire, 1991
  • Victorian Natchez: Contemporary Views from the Gurney-Norman Collection, 1992
  • Two Million Reasons to Celebrate, 1992
  • A World of Dolls, 1992
  • Friends of Adam Smith, 1993
  • Louisiana Art from the Roger Houston Ogden Collection (with LSU Museum of Art), 1992
  • In Full Flower: Watercolor Drawings of Margaret Stones, 1992
  • Margaret Stones | John James Audubon : Parallels, 1992
  • Building & Planning for the Future: The E. A. McIlhenny Natural History Collection, 1991-1992
  • Music in 19th-century Louisiana, 1992
  • Panoply of Pastimes, 1993
  • Classical Republicans, Whigs, and Tories, 1993
  • Cottage to Cathedral, 1991-1992
  • Still Life with Desire, 1993
  • A Golden Century: 100 Years of LSU Football, 1993
  • Going to Change the World: Desegregation at LSU, 1994
  • When Louisiana Was Queen & Cotton Was King: Paper Money in 19th Century Louisiana, 1994
  • Louisiana in the Civil War, 1994
  • Life Studies of the Great Army, by Edwin Forbes, 1994
  • Saving Lear’s Parrots, 1995
  • Showboat! On the River at Natchez 1995
  • Margaret Stones, Flora of Louisiana, 1995
  • Sugar at LSU, 1995
  • Cultural Landscapes, 1996
  • British Voices from South Asia, 1996
  • William Morris: One Hundred Years After, 1996
  • A Life of Seeing Beautiful: The Photography of Jane McCowan, 1996
  • The Art of Chess, 1997
  • A Link with the Past: Architectural Drawings of LSU by Theodore C. Link, 1997
  • World Views: Landscapes and Lagniappe, 1997
  • Treasures and Tools of Special Collections at LSU, 1997
  • Master Works from the E.A. McIlhenny Natural History Collection, 1998
  • Louisiana Writers: A Sense of Place, 1998
  • Folklife in Louisiana Photography: Images of Tradition, 1998
  • Love Stories, 1998
  • A Sense of Green, 1998
  • Tradition and Innovation: Thirty-Six Years of the Janus Press, 1998
  • What’s in the Laughlin Collection? 1998
  • Silence of the Soul: The Painting of Knut Heldner, 1998
  • From Red Stick to River Capital: Three Centuries of Baton Rouge History, 1999
  • Nineteenth-century Baton Rouge Through Paintings, Prints, and Drawings, 1999
  • Book Arts at LSU, 1999
  • From Parchment to Pixels: Five Centuries of the Book, 1999
  • Beautiful Science, Beautiful Books, 1999 – Mounted at the Louisiana Art and Science Museum
  • Marie Adrien Persac, Louisiana Artist, 2000
  • Under Oaks and Arches: Celebrating 75 years of the LSU Campus, 2000-2001
  • French Military Uniforms from the Second Empire: Lithographs by Armand Dumaresq, 2000
  • Eye of Silver: The Life and Times of Andrew D. Lytle, Baton Rouge Photographer, 2000
  • Aardvark to Zebra: Art and Zoology in the McIlhenny Collection, 2001
  • Marie Adrien Persac, Louisiana Artist, 2001
  • Creole Echoes/Resonances Creoles, 2001
  • Blue and Gray for Boys and Girls: Selections from the Michael Lehman Williamson Collection of Civil War Books for Young People, 2002
  • Life Studies of the Great Army, 2002
  • Views from the Hill, 2002
  • From Silvered Copper to Digital File, 2002
  • Familiar and Exotic: Mark Catesby’s Watercolors of American Fauna and Flora, 2002
  • Chessmania! Chess Sets from the Collection of Dr. David S. Miller, 2002
  • The Louisiana Purchase: A Heritage Explored, 2003
  • Portraits from Natchez, 2003
  • Borealis and Other Beautiful Books, 2003
  • Celebrating Louisiana Authors, 2003
  • Beyond Face Value: Depictions of Slavery in Confederate Currency, 2003 (online only)
  • In the Midst of War: Civil War Imprints as Witnesses of Everyday Life, 2004
  • Megachurches: Photographs by Otis Wheeler; Commentary by Anne Loveland, 2003-2004
  • Enduring Legacy: Art from the Estate of John S. McIlhenny, 2004
  • Twilight of Napoleon’s Egyptian Campaign: Scenes from the Description de l’Egypte, 2004
  • Portraits of a River City: Photographs from the Gandy Collection, 2005
  • A Jubilee for Janus Press, 2005
  • The Imaginative Life of Andrei Codrescu, 2005
  • Special Delivery: A Showcase of LSU Libraries’ Special Collections, 2006
  • A Short History of Prints, 2006
  • A Gentleman of Fine Talents and Extensive Experience: Thomas Affleck of Mississippi, 2006
  • Bruce Rogers, Man of Letters: Typography and Texts from the Bruce Rogers Collection, 2006
  • Why I Love Books: The Artworks of Charles Hobson, 2006/2007
  • An Unnatural Metropolis: Wresting New Orleans from Nature, 2007
  • Super Stories: A Brief History of Comics, Selections from the William Morton Bowlus Collection, 2007
  • The Works of James Sturm, 2007
  • Have You Heard? The Past in Present Tense from the T. Harry Williams Center for Oral History, 2007
  • Andrew D. Lytle’s Baton Rouge: Photographs 1863-1910, 2008
  • After Katrina: Salvaging Photographs of Pre-Storm New Orleans, 2008
  • Audubon at Oakley: Louisiana Selections from Birds of America, 2008
  • The Pathway of Promise: 1500 Years of Religious Texts and Moral Guidebooks, 2008
  • Troy H. Middleton Library Anniversary, 2009
  • Mariners, Meridians and Monsters: Exploring the History of Maps in Fact and Fiction, 2009
  • Living with Disabilities, 2009
  • A Century of Standard Oil in Baton Rouge, 2009
  • A Beneficial Harvest: Edible and Medicinal Plants from Flora of Louisiana, 2010
  • Louisiana’s Lone Star Republic, 2010
  • A Confederacy of Dunces Abroad, 2010
  • The Dear Ones at Home: Women’s Letters and Diaries of the Civil War Era, 2010
  • Occult Science and Philosophy in the Renaissance, 2010
  • Hurricane Katrina Commemoration, 2010
  • Campus Chronicle: 150 Years of LSU, 2010
  • AVES: A Survey of the Literature of Neotropical Ornithology, 2011
  • Portraits of a River City: Natchez in Photographs, 2011
  • September 11th Commemoration, 2011
  • State of Transition: Louisiana circa 1812, 2011
  • Practicing Catholics: Finding Faith in Family Papers, 2011
  • Louisiana for Bibliophiles: A History of Reading in the Bayou State, 2011
  • Charles Dickens at 200, 2012
  • Change(less): Photography and the Ephemeral Made Permanent, 2012
  • Frightful Fauna: A Spooky Sampling from the E. A. McIhenny Collection of Natural History, 2012
  • Old Times Here are Not Forgotten: Remembering the Civil War, 2012
  • Blacks in the Red Stick, 2013
  • The Summer of 1863: Gettysburg, Vicksburg & Port Hudson, 2013
  • Late Bloomers: Fall Flowers from Flora of Louisiana, 2013
  • Of Kin & Cane: Selections from the Edward J. Gay & Family Papers, 2013
  • La langue mondiale: French as the Language of Art and Thought, 2013
  • Centuries of Style: A RETROspective of Dress, 2013
  • Saturday Night in Tiger Stadium: Reflections on 120 Years of LSU Football, 2013
  • The Relentless Pursuit of Equal: Integration at LSU, 2014
  • Planting the Seed of Commemoration: A Preview of Cooperative Extension Centennial, 2014
  • Cooperative Extension at LSU: Commemorating the Centennial of the Smith-Lever Act of 1914, 2014
  • The Greater University, 2014
  • Special Collections on Parade, 2015
  • A la Militaire: The Battle of New Orleans, 2015
  • Graphic Sensibility: Selected Comics & Illustrations from DC to Dürer, 2015
  • Advancing Scholarship and Learning for 80 Years: LSU Press and The Southern Review, 2015
  • Tempests: Storms in the Archives, 2015
  • A Voyage to the Floating World: Japanese Illustrated Books and East-West Cultural Exchange in the Nineteenth Century, 2016
  • From Grand Village to Bluff City: 300 Years of Natchez History, 2016
  • Jazz Fest 101: A Showcase of Student Oral History Research, 2016
  • Investigating Sherlock: Selections from the Russell Mann Sherlock Holmes Research Collection, 2016
  • Bird’s Eye View of LSU, 2016
  • Through the Valley of Death: A Special Collections Perspective on the First World War, 2017
  • Paper Tigers & Biblio-Beasts: Creatures in the Collections, 2017
  • The Reformation at 500: A Reflection in Rare Books, 2017
  • Letterform Characters: From Stone Carver to Type Designer, 2017
  • Made in New Orleans: The Past in Print, 2018
  • Connecting Maryland’s Past to Louisiana’s Present: The Georgetown 272, 2018
  • Seeing and “The Eye of the Imagination”: Fantasy, Surrealism and Horror in the Clarence John Laughlin Book Collection, 2018


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