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Beyond Face Value: Depictions of Slavery in Confederate Currency

The Images: Transportation

This image represents the process of moving the cotton from the plantation to market and ultimately to the broker. It appears on: North Carolina, Bank of Lexington, $5 (1861)

Note the “Cotton Broker” legend is omitted on the following: Eastern Bank of Alabama, $5 (UNC)

T-13 Confederate States of America, $100 (1861)

T-23 Confederate States of America, $10 (1861) (not pictured)

State of Mississippi, $2 (1870)

Georgia, Macon & Brunswick RR Co., $1 (1867)

Alabama, Selma, Marion & Memphis RR Co., $2 (1871)

State of South Carolina, $50 Revenue Bond Script (1872)

Alabama, County of Montgomery, $5 (1861) (not pictured)

South Carolina RR Co., $20 (1873) (Only 200 printed) (not pictured)

Georgia, Manufacturers Bank, $20 (1862) (not pictured)

State of South Carolina, $1 (1872)

Louisiana, City of Baton Rouge, $1 (1862)

Texas, Austin County, $2 (1862)

North Carolina, Farmers Bank, $4 (not pictured)

Eastern Bank of Alabama, $5 (UNC)

Georgia, Bank of Columbus, $1 (1856)

South Carolina, Farmers & Exchange Bank of Charleston, $5 (1861)

Georgia, Merchants & Planters Bank, $1 (1857)

State of Alabama, 25 cents (1863)

Louisiana, Baton Rouge Yarn Company stock certificate (1880s)

Missouri, Merchants Bank of St. Louis, $10 (not pictured)

Arkansas, County of Phillips, $1 (not pictured)

This vignette is one of several different “dockside” images used in Confederate currency.

Louisiana, City of New Orleans, $1 (1862)

Bank of the State of South Carolina, $1 (no date)

Louisiana, City of New Orleans, $1,000 consolidated bond (1880)

T-35 Confederate States of America, $5 (1861)

Louisiana, Bossier Levee District, $1,000 bond (not pictured)

State of Arkansas, $10 (not pictured)

Louisiana, Canal Bank, $100 (UNC)

Virginia, Exchange Bank, $1 (1863)

South Carolina, Farmers & Exchange Bank, $50 (1861)

Alabama, Bank of Selma, $10 (Alabama) (1862)

Alabama, Eastern Bank of Alabama, $10 (Eufaula) (UNC)

Arkansas, Exchange Bank, $10 (Arkansas)

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