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"A Grown Man Does That and Gets Paid for It"

World War II

[singlepic id=361 h=200 float=right] [singlepic id=380 h=150 float=right-clear] During World War II, Haag served for three years as an officer in the Air Corps and U.S. Signal Corps. Of this period in his life, Haag said, “You know, most people can never, when challenged, recognize what was the highest peak of their career. What did I attain the most? Well, mine was in the Army.”

Now that was in the summer of 1941. The upshot of it was, I took leave from the University of Kentucky, went to Ann Arbor. My draft board said “It’s okay, but remember professor,” (they were calling me professor by that time; I was thirty-two, of course) “We may be in a shooting war.”
Well, of course, we were. But they did defer me until June the 8th, because I took my doctoral exams on June the 4th, and I was in uniform on June the 8th. Needless to say, that’s where I was the next three years before I came back [to the University of Kentucky], October of 1945.