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"A Grown Man Does That and Gets Paid for It"

University of Kentucky

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Haag received undergraduate and graduate degrees (both in geology) at the University of Kentucky in the years 1933 and 1934. While there, he also served as Curator of the Museum of Anthropology, illustrating his early interest in the field. Haag said of this experience, “That’s where I really got my first taste of professional archeology.”

At Kentucky I knew I wanted to go into some kind of natural sciences, or earth science is really what attracted me. So I settled on geology, and I continued in that course, even though I took more hours of zoology than I did of geology. . . In geology, I really kind of found my niche, or field. And I took everything that was sort of collateral to that. I really was not a straight A student. I was a straight B student, and that’s what I ended up with, a straight B average in everything. I never flunked a course in my life, that I remember, nor can I remember making D’s. But I’ve made a lot of C’s and B’s.