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"A Grown Man Does That and Gets Paid for It"

My first love was bugs…

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You know, in nature my first love was, without a doubt, bugs. In high school maybe, I began a bug collection. I was interested really in beetles, the Coleoptera. And I made a beautiful, well to me, beautiful collection of beetles that I mounted in a glass covered box that I made. And the last year before I left Henderson to go to college I worked at the YMCA a while. So I gave my collection to the YMCA, and it hung on the wall in the same room where I learned to play pool. And one of the times twenty-five years later when I went back, there was my insect collection still on the wall. But I could just as easily have gone into entomology in college, and been interested in that, but I didn’t. Of course that’s part of a later story.