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"A Grown Man Does That and Gets Paid for It"

State Archaeologist

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I do want to say that all of this was enjoyable. As state archeologist I did go all over the state looking at various activities, insofar as I could. I mean, I never lost sight of the fact that my primary job at LSU was teaching. I didn’t just run off and miss classes.
But one time I was in north Louisiana. I went on a farm where I asked the farm owner, I asked permission to walk to the back of his property to look at a spot on a bayou back there where we thought there was an Indian site. I said “I want to go and look at the ground and see if there’s broken pieces of pottery,arrowheads, and stuff like that, that tell us what people lived there, tell when they lived there, and when they left. That’s all I want to do.”
He looked at me and he said “You mean to tell me a grown man does that?” [laughs] Well, I didn’t tell him, but I could have told him that a grown man does that and gets paid for it.