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"A Grown Man Does That and Gets Paid for It"

Louisiana State University

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Before coming to Louisiana State University in 1952, Haag enjoyed what he described as “socially the happiest two years I ever spent in the academic world” within the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at the University of Mississippi at Oxford. When describing his experience in this small Southern town, Haag notes that campus was within walking distance of several significant archeological sites, but “forty-four and seven tenths miles” from the nearest place to buy beer.

WALKER: Could you tell us a little bit about what prompted your move to LSU?
HAAG: Actually, it was not monetary at all. I was very happy at Ole Miss, and felt I was fulfilling a role there that was needed, had good friends. But, LSU, on the contrary, had an ongoing . . . series of inter-related departments and activities that I felt I really kind of fitted into. As an example, here was a combined geology/geography anthropology that was unique in North America.

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